I speak about connection last, when in truth it is connection that is the initial spark that allows the rest of the relationship to develop.  What is it?

When I speak about connection here I am speaking about an energetic link that gets formed between two beings, a bond that allows the possibility of intimacy. No words are needed for connection to occur. It happens instantaneously. If we listen with our bodies, that internal place in us, most of us can feel it when it happens.

How do we experience connection?

With horses, connection is given so freely if… if we just invest the time and allow ourselves to be curious. Connection is the ignition, and it gives us opportunity to build a real relationship with another. It’s a feeling or a sensation of being in rapport with another being.

Why do we want it? To what do we long to be connected?

Speaking about human or animal relations, how do we know connection without relying on speaking? What is the value of learning from horses how to accomplish this? What does it feel like, how do we identify it, how do we teach it. Is it given?

How do we gain it with another?

Perhaps gaining it, first takes letting go of ideals. Proceeding from a state of innocence, vulnerability, and a willingness to embrace “not knowing” helps us to abandon the pursuit of trying to figure it out . I assert that it starts with curiosity.

Possibly it has to do with respecting that the connection is the simple and important factor that allows any kind of meaningful relationship. To revere the connection means you understand it can be lost as quickly as it is gained. In that case of meaningful relationships, when connection is lost, it needs to be reestablished.

When we fully comprehend the impact on our relationships from the loss of connection and that we possess the amazing ability to reignite and restore a connection.

We then realize that we have an amazing influence to impact all of our relationships in a profound way. Whether it is leadership, sales or mastering day-to-day relationships, your success with any relationship is intrinsically impacted by your ability to make and keep a powerful Connection.

Allow the horses to teach you to recognize when you have connection and when you don’t, and what it takes to repair it in the Holy Horse Encounter or learn a process for your professional relationships in our New Herd program.






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