Why do so many of us speak about heart when we talk about horses?

Yes, horses have large heart and in a more traditional sense, horses display a lot of courage and willingness when asked to perform, often not understanding the purpose or the reason for the request.

Horses act against their survival instincts many times in order to accommodate humans. However when we say horse have a lot of heart, I believe it’s the unassuming nature and the quality of their presence that we speaking about.

Horses have a tendency towards being curious, generous and earnest when treated fairly.

As large creatures they have dominant brainwave and heartbeat frequencies. Many studies are showing that our human brains not only have a capacity to, but often synchronize with dominant waves or frequencies when in their presence.

Horses reside in the present moment.

When we spend time with them it grounds us in our animal nature and brings us into a state of awareness of our present moment.Though we often talk about our heart like it is the emotional center of our body’s, in truth it is not our physical heart that feels emotions; the heart is more of a metaphor. When we refer to the heart of the matter, we are referring to the center or what is germane to the issue. However without this image or feeling of heart perhaps we are mechanized beings with no feeling or depth, we are disconnected.

They say horses don’t lie, another way to say it might be that because horses are prey animals, they react to what they feel or experience as it relates to their sense of safety and survival.

When we are unaware and disconnected, it can put off an unsafe or threatening energy to the horse. They seem to sense when we our incongruent, meaning when what we are saying and what were feeling don’t match, even when we are unaware of it. Because horses depend so strongly on their survival instincts, they sense through their bodies and react immediately. Without warning, they will move away from us responding to this unspoken lack of ambiguity and disconnection.

Often people come to our programs unaware of being disconnected disjointed from their own feelings, and their bodies.

Through the horses we learn to be attentive, harmonious and clear and we can use their response to learn when we are giving mixed signals. If we are willing to consider the feedback that horses give us moment by moment, we can reconnect with our own authenticity, joy, peace and sense of well being. Most people who are willing to allow the horse to be their guide, eventually slow down and experience feeling more in sync with nature and the environment and people around them. They report feeling grounded, heart-connected, and clear about what is at the center of their soul.

Horses seem to have an intuitive nature about them that centers around their bodies.

If the heart is the locus of feelings and intuitions than horses are all heart. When you connect with a horse and feel the kinship, solace, and soul connection they offer, it transcends words. You feel what is meant by heart.

Discover how to come from the heart in your communications verbal and non verbal.


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