What is play?   Why do we forget how to do it? How do we become so serious and significant as adults?

The inadvertent cost to us is the loss of our physical flexibility, imagination, problem solving skills and personal self- expression and dare I say vitality.

Is play somehow reckless or irresponsible?  Who said it has to be?

What is the opposite of play- being too serious or stuck in a mental analytical place?  ohh yeah that’s work and worry,  the two big W’s that most of us can relate to?

How did we get so scared, serious, ridged, tuned out, shut down, depressed, repressed, suppressed?

Rather than all the money, time and energy we spend to remedy these conditions. Instead of clinging to our stories of how we got this way and the all of reasons we have let ourselves remain in this disconnected state. What if the antidote for our mental pressure, emotional distress, and physical stiffness was simply play?

Horses respond readily to energy, charisma, presence and joy—which can all be characteristics of play.

Being freed-up to release your inner 7-year-old to run, jump, dance, scream, or laugh uncontrollably are all liberties that most youngsters enjoy. Agenda is the antithesis of spontaneity, presence, and creativity in the moment. Can we dismiss our agenda and our cultural need-to-know and stand, perhaps, vulnerable in the unknowable moment and see what bubbles up to the surface--Often times there is genius in that moment.

Horses can help us live in that place of genius, that connected, reverent, joyful and alive place and they prefer us there.

It’s in that place that true connection with horses happens, when we let go.


In your life right now; what committed actions can you take towards spontaneous play?

Whether you own a horse, or only dream of it, come and experience a new paradigm of relationship based horse training through Playing with Horses Workshops and training courses.



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