The Holy Horse Encounter
Mini- Retreat
A fun and exciting half-day interactivity

Beauty, freedom and magnificence are the words many people use to describe the essence of horses. Join us for a half-day encounter where you will discover a different side to of their nature and how their wisdom and curiosity lend them to be great teachers.

This is our most popular encounter, and a great event to attend or book as a deep introduction to our methodology and programs.
Perhaps you would like to experience first hand the healing power  of horses in a Private Coaching in with Horses Session. Sessions run 90 minutes in length and help a person gain, clarity, focus learning and insight into matters off their choosing.

Common themes include leadership, authentic communication, matters of relationship, life change, personal vitality, professional growth, and finding one's life purpose.

Whether you are horse crazy or just intrigued by the pervasive use of horses as guides, healers, and teachers this encounter will engage and inspire you.

This encounter is not about riding horses and there is no horse experience needed.

No horse experience necessary, no riding

This encounter will educate, entertain and captivate you. Take time out to relax and enjoy nature. Feel the energy as the horses draw you into their world.  This interactive demonstration will drench your eyes and hearts and give you a palpable experience that could stay with you for a lifetime.  Enjoy our specially selected horses and become part of the new herd.

Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to experience the horse in a new light or wants to meet the horse in his world by learning the hidden language and culture of horses.  Designed to be a safe introduction to interacting with horses as teachers.

What you’ll experience:

  • Horse herd dynamics

  • What horses are silently saying

  • The magical magnetic bond between horses and humans

  • Authentic feedback that horses give us about ourselves

Reported benefits of attending:

  • Feel more energy and connection to yourself and others

  • Learn how to partner

  • Gain insights into your leadership style

  • Become aware of your silent body language communication

  • *** Travel and Lodging not included in the Price of the workshop ***

Holy Horse Encounter
A 3-Day Weekend Workshop

A deep retreat for the soul

Want to go deeper? Join us for an three-day experiential workshop with horses
as our teachers.

Blast the crust off the doors of your heart. Whether it’s time to a review and reflect, make a change, or simply to be inspired.

Participants of this interactive and reflective weekend report feeling revitalized and gaining a new life perspective.

The horses are your catalysts and guides. You will receive wisdom and insights that will alter whats possible for your future.

Return to your life feeling more reverence and connection to everything around you.

No horse experience is needed for this unique encounter with horses.

"Working with the horses changed my perspective, I now understand who I am in partnership with others and how my influence is received by others" Nina Peters

*** Travel and Lodging not included
in the price of the workshop ***

To learn more about travel and lodging arrangements contact Lila

Who should attend:

People who enjoy horses and are ready to be lead into a journey of learning into the self.

This workshop is designed to strengthen your relationship with yourself and offer tools and practices to deepen your connection to what is important to you. Through working with the horses, you will gain the insights to live your truth and be who you are.  Make a change and choose more joy and play in your life. 

What you’ll experience:

Reported Program Benefits:

  • Develop a magnetic presence

  • Heighten your awareness - become alert and responsive

  • Get clear, speak up and ask for what you want

  • Increase your emotional intelligence

  • Attain wise and influential decision making skills

  • Experience authentic rapport and trust

  • Embody heart-centered leadership

  • Gain confidence and bring your influence and gifts to the world

Private Intensive Retreat
A customized experience for individuals or groups

If working privately outside of the public group setting feels more comfortable, creating a Holy Horse private retreat intensive may be best for you or your group. Perhaps it’s that you can’t wait for our next workshop or that you have specific group that wants to share an impactful and memorable experience together. We can customize a program that suits the needs of your group.

Who are you really, and what do you long for? The horses will reconnect you to yourself. Experience inspiration, insight and an invitation to live with more joy and play. Let the horses lead you back to yourself. Prepare to be “blown aware” to your own unique gifts through the wisdom and generosity of horses.

Based on your needs, we can offer features from any of our other programs for a tailored experience. Initial exploratory consulting included to create your experience. Customized Retreat Experiences are perfect for individuals or groups who travel from out of town to work with us or who want the lasting benefits that bringing a team together creates. Take a time out to focus on yourself your goals, and your life. Think of it as a customized retreat Holy Horse style.

Intensives can be from one day to five days in length. Come with a friend, your family, a team, or a group and enjoy a distinctive, life-changing and memorable experience with horses.


orses have a unique language they share. There code of conduct revolves around curiosity, play and forgiveness. Whether it is clarity, healing, or the discovery of your personal purpose you seek, horses can help you find it. Come witness how their survival instincts can aid your in aligning with your unique and undeniable truth. Have an opportunity to experience them free, without restraint, feel connection, acceptance, support, and understanding. Demonstration, engageing exercises and lunch.

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THE Holy Horse Encounter
Playing with Horses